Arisfor Stencils

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These templates are used to create patterns in vertical and hori­zontal cementitious overlay systems. Arisfor’s disposable templates are made from a specially coated paper to resist moisture penetration from the coating being applied. The adhesive is pre-applied in sheet form prior to cutting so that 100% of the template has the same amount of the quality adhesive. The adhesive has a strong temporary bond to the surface it is being applied and highly resists the transfer of glue. To expose the adhesive, simply remove the peel and release liner. Taking your project to the next level has never been easier!

Add Character to Any Project

Perfect for Interior, Exterior, Horizontal, and Vertical Surfaces!

Arisfor Stencils allow you to add character, depth, and dimension to any project. Arisfor Stencils can be used to design horizontal surfaces – patios, walkways, pool decks, driveways, and steps and/or vertical surfaces – walls, perimeter walls, signs, building exteriors, balcony platforms, and a variety of other surfaces.

Horizontal Surfaces


Vertical Surfaces

Vertical Surfaces18 Templates Option Available

Arisfor Stencils are available in 18 different template options. Don’t limit your imagination and find the perfect design!

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The Benchmark in Durability and Design!

Arisfor prides itself on the success of its products and continues to provide results that go unmatched across the board.
For more information about Arisfor Stencils and how to order, please contact an Arisfor Representative.

Pool Decks • Walkways • Patios • Driveways • Steps • Walls • Flooring
• Buiding Exteriors • Balcony Platforms •


  • Flat Sheets – Easy to Lay!
  • No Memory or Curling
  • No Glue Transfer onto Surface
  • Consistent Adhesion
  • Available With or Without Adhesion
  • Lay Straightener
  • Reduces Product Bleeding
  • Identical Sheet Sizes
  • Multiple Thickness Options
  • One Person Placement Ability – No Need for Multiple Workers!
  • Boxes Can Ship UPS/Fedex


Arisfor’s stencil templates are designed for professional use. Typically used in the Stucco Industry and the Decorative Concrete Industry. The adhesive release paper is removed to expose the adhesive then the sheet is placed into position and seated to ensure a good bond so that no edges are raised. The finish material, synthetic stucco or cement based materials are then ap­plied and finished over top of the templates and allowed to set. Once the initial set has taken place the template is removed which will expose the desired pattern.


Color: White with light colored release liner
Thickness: .024 pt and .070 pt
Adhesive: Water Soluable
Paper: Clay Coated Face
Service Temperatures: 40ºF to 105ºF


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Do not apply if ambient air temperature is 40ºF and falling or above 105ºF and rising. Do not leave exposed to rain as this will cause the adhesive to fail and will result in significant bleed under. Stencils are not intended to have paint like materials applied over them.


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