Multi-Surface Waterproofer

arisfor_MSW_product_image2017GENERAL DESCRIPTION

Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer is a high performance sealer for a variety of concrete and masonry surfaces. Unlike other sealers on the market, it is easy to use with a simple one-coat application process and an extremely quick dry time. Using innovative nanotechnology, it penetrates to form a breathable moisture barrier integral with the surface, providing superior protection against the damaging effects of water intrusion, acids, and deicing salts. Save time and money with long-lasting protection!

Don’t just seal it – make it last! Choose Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer to extend the life of your concrete & masonry

It’s Whats on the Inside…

Some sealers sit on the surface and wear away over time causing you to deal with unsightly and unsafe spalling and cracking. With Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer (MSW), you can forget about the surface film and waterproof your project from within. Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer uses innovative nanotechnology to penetrate below the surface and form an internal barrier for longer lasting protection!not_sealed_vs_sealedMSW

Don’t Let the Elements Wear You Down

Arisfor MSW is water and chemical resistant, while remaining breathable – preventing corrosion, spalling, and cracks caused by moisture, de-icing salts, and pool chemicals. Arisfor MSW is perfect for new or untreated concrete construction, masonry, and precast applications!

Did We Mention it is Environmentally Friendly!?

Arisfor MSW is environmentally friendly and used flourine-free and non-perfluorocarbonated surfactants, unlike other sealers on the market. Arisfor strives to provide the highest quality product that will perform second to none, while also keeping the environment in mind.

Sealers Benefits Diagram

Perfect for Interior, Exterior, Vertical or Horizontal Properly Placed Concrete!

The Benchmark in Strength, Durability and Protection!

Arisfor prides itself on the success of its products and continues to provide results that go unmatched across the board.

Curbs • Walkways • Steps • Patios • Platforms • Loading Docks •
Ramps • Parking Decks • Stucco • Brick • Granite • Slate • Precast


  • Easy one coat application
  • Quick dry time
  • Two-way water barrier
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Reduces mold, mildew, and algae growth
  • Great for both interior and exterior applications
  • Will not discolor surfaces


Walkways • Driveways • Curbs • Steps • Patios • Platforms • Loading Docks • Ramps • Floors • Parking Decks • Stucco • Brick • Tile (unglazed) • Limestone • Granite • Marble (unpolished) • Slate • Gravestones

Mix Ratios:

  •  Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer: Ready to Use | DO NOT THIN
  •  Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer: Ready to Use | DO NOT THIN



Approximate coverage: 100-300 sq. ft/gallon per coat. Actual coverage will vary due to porosity of surface.


  •  Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer: Ready to Use | One (1) gallon pail
  •  Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer: Ready to Use | Five (5) gallon pail


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