8oz_product_image_arisforGENERAL DESCRIPTION

Arisfor® Retarder is designed for applications requiring longer work times without sacrificing the end cure properties of Arisfor WallGuard® and Arisfor ToughDeck® systems. This retarder additive is to be used only with recommended Arisfor® products. Please contact Arisfor Technical Support for correct dosage ratios needed.

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Achieve longer working times while using Arisfor ToughDeck® and Arisfor WallGuard® systems

  • Single Use…..Eight (8) Ounces
  • Bulk……………One (1) Gallon


Add Arisfor® Retarder to the Arisfor® Bond liquid mix based upon the desired amount of work time required. Open the pail spout of Arisfor® Bond, and then add the Arisfor® Retarder. Put the pour spout lid back onto the pail, then gently place the Arisfor® Bond pail on its side and roll the pail back and forth for 1-2 minutes to allow for the Arisfor® Bond and Arisfor® Retarder to mix together completely