Shopping Plaza Sidewalks

PROBLEM: Spalling and worn concrete, creating hazards
SOLUTION: Application of Arisfor ToughDeck to repair concrete

This retail space was in need of sidewalk repair, as the concrete was spalling and worn, creating a trip hazard. Rather than replace the entire front walkway at a high cost, the owner used Arisfor ToughDeck to coat the existing sidewalk. Not only does the ToughDeck walkway look new, but it is now tremendously durable and slip resistant.

• The concrete looks as good as new after the repair
• This unique coating is abrasion resistant and impact resistant
• Tough Deck provides a long lasting non-slip surface in any temperature or climate
Easy application and dries to the touch within 2-4 hours
• Is moisture permeable and protects against water intrusion
• Long term savings 

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Date: 2004
Location: Orlando, FL


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