Shopping Plaza Delivery Entrance

PROBLEM: Heavily cracked and damaged concrete
SOLUTION: Application of Arisfor ToughDeck for concrete repair

The delivery entrance to a retail store sees a lot of truck traffic. This location is a concrete slab on grade and was heavily cracked and damaged, especially along the doorway. The customer not only wanted the concrete to be repaired but to also look as good as new. Therefore, large holes were filled and cracks were covered, then the entire area was given a broom finish in order to make it aesthetically pleasing. A troweled application method was used along with a bone white color. Control joints were re-cut after the application of Arisfor ToughDeck.

• This project was completed in one day and back in service the next day
• The concrete slab looks as good as new after the repair
• This unique coating is abrasion resistant and impact resistant
• Tough Deck provides a long lasting non-slip surface in any temperature or climate
Easy application and dries to the touch within 2-4 hours
• Is moisture permeable and protects against water intrusion
• Long term savings 

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Date: 2015
Location: Orlando, FL

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