Rosen Hotel Steps

PROBLEM: Cracked and deteriorating concrete stairway
SOLUTION: Application of Arisfor ToughDeck for concrete repair

Hotel stairways are important not only for convenience but for safety. The concrete on this stairway was cracked, deteriorating, and the metal edges were rusting, thus creating unsafe conditions. We knew that replacing the stairs or doing a traditional repair were not the only options. Arisfor ToughDeck was applied directly over the existing concrete and metal, providing a durable, non-slip surface. This stairway was open to traffic within two hours after application. The biggest benefit to our product was that the hotel saved a great deal of money and did not have to inconvenience their customers by closing the stairs for an extended period of time.

• The concrete looks as good as new after the repair
• This unique coating is abrasion resistant and impact resistant
• Tough Deck provides a long lasting non-slip surface in any temperature or climate
Easy application and dries to the touch within 2-4 hours
• Is moisture permeable and protects against water intrusion
• Long term savings 

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Date: 2010
Location: Orlando, FL


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