Residential – Florence Vista

PROBLEM: Cracking and chipping existing stucco
SOLUTION: Application of Arisfor WallGuard

The existing stucco on this residential home was cracking and chipping. Arisfor WallGuard was used to coat the remaining stucco, providing a water resistant and crack resistant surface. This project was easily finished to match the original look. To alleviate pressure and cracking, expansion joints were added every ten feet. This homeowner will no longer need to worry about crack repair.

Looks as good as new when finished
• Has superior adhesive properties and is extremely durable
Abrasion resistant, impact resistant, and water resistant while allowing for transmission of moisture vapor from substrate
Crack resistant surface
• Provides long lasting protection in any temperature or climate
Easy application
• Long term savings 

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Date: 2001
Location: Florence Vista, FL


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