Franklin Professional Building Steps

PROBLEM: Steps showing signs of severe corrosion and deterioration as well as large voids which causes safety hazards
SOLUTION: Resurface steps with Arisfor ToughDeck to prevent further corrosion and build up voids to create a safer surface


The steps outside the Franklin Professional Building were showing signs of severe corrosion and large areas of deterioration. The top landing of the steps was also unsafe due to the large, uneven section connecting to the patient dropoff lane. Arisfor ToughDeck was applied to create a safer surface. To fix the uneven section at the top of the steps, Arisfor ToughDeck was applied in a taper across 16”. The project owners were pleased with the results and commented on how easy the system was to use.


• Easy three-part system

• Reduces corrosion by preventing moisture intrusion

• Can be used to fill large voids

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Date: July 2016
Location: Franklin, PA


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