Community Park Retaining Wall

PROBLEM: Heavy deterioration due to skateboarding
SOLUTION: Application of Arisfor WallGuard

The retaining walls of a community park were being damaged by skateboards, causing heavy deterioration of the top edges. Large, durable patches were needed that could adhere to the fragile Styrofoam substrate. Arisfor WallGuard was chosen for its ease of application and durability. Our product was used to cover the cracks and smooth out the surface to resemble the original shape and finish.

Easily painted to match the colors of the community
Looks as good as new when finished
• Has superior adhesive properties and is extremely durable
Abrasion resistant, impact resistant, and water resistant while allowing for transmission of moisture vapor from substrate.
• Provides long lasting protection in any temperature or climate
Easy application
• Long term savings 

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Date: 2003
Location: Sanford, FL


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