Community Action Building Handicap Ramp & Stairs

PROBLEM: Handicap ramp and stairs in need of repair
SOLUTION: Apply Arisfor ToughDeck®

The outdoor handicap ramp and staircase at the Community Action Building in Sharon, PA was in need of a repair. K&M construction called on Arisfor ToughDeck® to fix the spalled concrete with holes in the slab. Despite the challenge of finishing around the railing posts and angles in edge, the ramp and stairs had a quick turnaround. ToughDeck® added a new look and superior finish to both applications. K&M Construction was a first time applicator and was satisfied with the success of the product.

• Quick dry time
• Provides long-term durability
• Water resistant
• Offers superior adhesion
• Easy Application

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Date: 2015
Location: Sharon, PA

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