Community Action Building Handicap Ramp & Stairs

PROBLEM: Handicap ramp and stairs in need of repair
SOLUTION: Apply Arisfor ToughDeck

The outdoor handicap ramp and staircase at the Community Action Building in Sharon, PA was in need of a repair. K&M construction called on Arisfor ToughDeck to fix the spalled concrete with holes in the slab. Despite the challenge of finishing around the railing posts and angles in edge, the ramp and stairs had a quick turnaround. ToughDeck added a new look and superior finish to both applications. K&M Construction was a first time applicator and was satisfied with the success of the product.

• Quick dry time
• Provides long-term durability
• Water resistant
• Offers superior adhesion
• Easy Application

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Date: 2015
Location: Sharon, PA


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