Billerica Loading Dock

PROBLEM: Busy loading dock in need of repair

SOLUTION: Apply Arisfor ToughDeck to restore and repair


A busy loading dock in Billerica, MA  was in need of repair. The slab-on-grade concrete was in horrendous shape and the saw cuts had eroded due to salt, snow, ice, plow trucks, and wear from all the tractor trailer traffic. Owner John Roberto turned to Arisfor ToughDeck due to its performance value and the quick turnaround time that they needed. Due to the high traffic at the loading dock, the project could only be worked on at night and had to be completed in one weekend by Middlesex Contracting. Arisfor ToughDeck was applied with a gauge rake and squeegee and was given a broom finish. The dock is now back in service and working well. This was the first time the contractor used Arisfor products on a large job, and have now been referred to other management companies due to the owner's satisfaction.


• Quick dry time
• Easy to apply
• Saves time and money
• Provides long-term durability
• Fire and salt resistant
• Superior finish

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Date: 2015
Location: Billerica, MA

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